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Welcome to my place on the web! I am a natural light lifestyle photographer. What does that mean?? It means no bright hot lights to sit under, it means playing outside, it means having fun, it means giggling and being goofy and doing what kids do best while I capture the essence of your child or family. It means no stuffy "smile and say cheese" photos. It means heirloom quality art for your walls that shows who your children are TODAY. Captured. It means details, and most of all it means a fun session! Here you can read about everything from my latest sessions and sneak peeks to the crazy antics of my crazy, fun, beautiful, silly kids.

  • The elusive images…

    November 4th, 2010

    These are a few of the other images from the last session I posted. For some reason they wont come up in the private gallery, so here they are “going public” :)
    Engagement photo session

    St pete beach

    And then these are a few of their favorites processed a tad differently than in their gallery!!

    Couples Portraits

    Special Sneak Peek

    October 21st, 2010

    Today I bring you a sneak peek…I know I haven’t been blogging, and I do apologize for that. There are some kinks that need worked out and then I when I can find a balance with blogging, client stuff along with personal stuff, I will begin my regular blogging again. Until then, I promised a client a special sneak peek, for being ever so patient. I had such a great time “shooting” these two. I really do love this job, and I have a great time at EVERY session, but it is extra special when the client happens to be an old friend, and the time is filled with catching up, and memories and lots of laughs!! The setting was PERFECT, and their love is evident. This was for their 5 year anniversary and I just know there will be many many many more!!
    Don Cesar anniversary portraits
    Family protraits St Pete beach
    St Pete beach Portraits
    Don Cesar St pete Portraits
    portrait sneak peeks st pete beach

    “Fan” giveaway!

    June 3rd, 2010

    Today and Tomorrow I will be doing some much needed website work, and getting ready for a busy, fun summer for Bailey Allison Photography! A few weeks ago I promised my facebook fans a giveaway for reaching over 100 “likes”!! So it’s time for that giveaway. Here’s the details:
    Since I have both local and far away facebook fans there will be two parts to the giveaway.
    Local giveaway: TWO free mini sessions in June or July- 30 minute session, on location (park, home, downtown, wherever suits your fancy) 10-15 images to choose from in a password protected online proofing gallery. Prints are not included.
    Far away giveaway: I can’t leave out all of the fabulous support by my far away friends!! So this giveaway is for 1 Vinyl wall graphic or KitchenAid art graphic from FlipFlop graphics. I have these wall art in both the monkey’s bedrooms, and LOVE them, and our (ok Ronnie’s) KitchenAid is adorned with modern graphics! It makes such a statement in our kitchen! I LOVE it!!!Or if the winner happened to want to come visit me in Florida, I’d gladly do a session :)

    How to win:
    Refer your friends, suggest your friends “like” Bailey Allison Photography too, Tweet about the giveaway, or put a message in your FB status. I don’t care how you do it just spread the word if you’d like to, or not…either way you can still enter to win by leaving a comment on the “Wall“. Tell me your favorite Ice Cream flavor AND leave a comment HERE. In this post letting me know if and how you spread the word, and if you are local or far away (more than 1 hour)! I will leave the contest open until Saturday at 12pm and winners will be picked by on Saturday afternoon!! Have fun!! (you must “like” Bailey Allison Photography on Facebook if you have not done so already)

    And because no post is complete without a photo…This kid turned 5 a week ago. FIVE. Yep, really. I know I can’t believe it either. Doesn’t it look like fun to be five????Bradenton Modern childrens portraiture

    Isn’t she lovely {Sarasota Children’s Portraits}

    May 5th, 2010

    Last week was an incredible blessing in out little neck of the woods :) Not only did my husband and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, but we welcomed 2 amazing girls into our family when his Brother got married. I can now say I have a niece and a sister(in-law, but being an only child, I’d really just like to say sister ;) ) We are so so so happy for the three of them and feel lucky to have them in our lives!!! Listen to me getting all sappy…
    I had fun taking some shots before during and after the beautiful beach wedding. My little man was the ring bearer (I will share those photos tomorrow). Naturally, their daughter was the flower girl. And she was a beautiful flower girl. See…..Modern Childrens Portraiture

    Promises :)

    April 6th, 2010

    I keep making these promises to friends and family that I will start blogging again, about the kids, about life so they can keep up with us too, not just what I am doing for other people. And since I don’t have a whole lot to say this week, I’ve been neck deep in creating “The Lounge”- Client proofing area. And editing this Fabulous 4 year old’s birthday. Yes, you may recognize her from the last sneak peek. I think I saw this family 3 times in one week :) and my camera was in front of my face at each event! She had one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever been to!! Such an honor to help capture those memories!
    Sarasota Childrens Birthday Event photographer

    So, anyhow, since I haven’t even uploaded Easter photos yet, here’s my big monkey at the fair last month. I really cannot believe how grown up he looks. My soon to be 5 year old, says things to me like “Even when I’m as big as you mom, I’ll still be your baby boy” He knows RIGHT how to get me ;) (But can you tell how thrilled he is to be in this photo)
    Parrish Family photographer
    And while he did get to ride this with his daddy…

    The real reason we were there was for this girl, and this cow ;)

    And they did awesome, and we are proud :)

    My husbands cousins (and Aunt and Uncle) have been raising Cattle and other animals with 4-h for years. We love to go visit and learn about the animals and watch them grow, and then go watch the competitions at the fair. The little monkey’s really enjoy it. (OK, so do the big ones ;) )

    Spring Mini’s {Bradenton, Parrish Children’s Photographer}

    March 31st, 2010

    Bradenton Childrens Mini session

    Wondering if custom photography is right for your family? Have you been itching to get new images of your kids up on the wall? Too busy to think about a whole family session? Mini sessions are the way to go! But I am only doing 4 sessions this time around, so send me a message if you think you might be interested!

    i heart faces- week 13

    March 30th, 2010

    I’ve never entered a challenge at i heart faces, but today is the day :) If you have never checked it out over there, you should! Some amazing photography!

    So here it is, my Dramatic BW.
    bradenton family photographer

    Sneak Peek {Sarasota family photographer}

    March 28th, 2010

    Last week was busy, busy for me! It is really springy here, and the weather has been beautiful! If you know me at all though, you know that we (hub’s and I) loved the cold winter that we had. I think it must be in our blood to be north a bit. Not too far north though :) We are enjoying this weather for what it is because before we know it it will be all out summer…until November.

    I had the best time photographing this fun family! I think Dad has had his fill of photo session for the next 3 years, but we all had fun! The location could not have been more beautiful. If you have never been to Selby Garden’s you must check it out. Amazing.

    I hope you enjoy your sneak peek B Family! And I really hope it isn’t 3 years before we do it again!!

    Selby Gardens Photography
    sarasota childrens photographerbradenton family photographerflorida family photography

    Why. {Bradenton Childrens Photographer}

    March 5th, 2010

    I am working on putting together my portfolio of images, among a lot of other back end business building stuff. Not as much shooting as I’d like to be doing, but I know this stuff has to be done. But in the process of choosing some of my favorite shots from my past sessions I am reminded of why I want to do this. I am reminded of what I love about capturing and creating images. And through this, I think it’s plain to see what my passion in photography is. Children. Look, I’ll show you.

    (many if not all of these images will be gracing my portfolio page when I can decide on a format I love and quit changing my mind!)

    The Emotions. {The pleasure of being a parent, the innocence and joy of being a child}



    The Moments. {The small moments that say so much}



    The Details. {The ever fleeting details of who they are, RIGHT NOW. My favorite kind to capture.}




    It’s no secret.

    February 26th, 2010

    Really it’s no secret that most women love pretty things. We love gifts. ESPECIALLY if they are pretty. This is one thing I really try to do for my clients, make their order a gift, a pretty one. This is why I love Paperieboutique. There is fabulous packaging inspiration all the time! I am one of those strange (or creative?!) types who LOVES to browse office supplies, paper, markers, heck even paper clips. And I am really inspired by packaging, I love visiting blogs and sites dedicated to showing off sweet retail packaging, (which is also sweet marketing ;) )

    Well it’s also no secret that I love photography, and photography as art. I want my clients to take home heirloom quality art to display on their walls. Images that will be handed down, snippets of this moment in time. Right now. Ready to hang. Whether that means framed art, mounted prints with an easel display, a print box with every image or a display of canvas(es). It’s important to me that memories are kept in view, not on a hard drive (which I am guilty of as well). It is unlikely that my kids and grand kids and great grandkids, will go through the tens of thousands of images I have on hard drives. But they will know they were loved and smile when they see the images on the wall, and handed down from generation to generation. But this post wasn’t really supposed be me on a soap box explaining my need for really pretty things, and art for my walls. It is though, to tell you about the crazy giveaway at PaperieBoutique from Pixel2Canvas. I absolutely LOVE Roxanne the owner at P2C. Many of my friends at DesignerDigitals have used them and always raved about the Customer service there. And how they actually got a call from the OWNER when they had a question or needed help. How is THAT for customer service? And Roxane joins us for some digital scrapbooking now and then too!!
    So, to enter the giveaway too, go check out Paperie!
    Paperie Boutique/ rocks with @canvasrox – visit to win fabulous prizes from Pixel2Canvas /!