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Welcome to my place on the web! I am a natural light lifestyle photographer. What does that mean?? It means no bright hot lights to sit under, it means playing outside, it means having fun, it means giggling and being goofy and doing what kids do best while I capture the essence of your child or family. It means no stuffy "smile and say cheese" photos. It means heirloom quality art for your walls that shows who your children are TODAY. Captured. It means details, and most of all it means a fun session! Here you can read about everything from my latest sessions and sneak peeks to the crazy antics of my crazy, fun, beautiful, silly kids.

  • Archive: February, 2010

    It’s no secret.

    Friday, February 26th, 2010

    Really it’s no secret that most women love pretty things. We love gifts. ESPECIALLY if they are pretty. This is one thing I really try to do for my clients, make their order a gift, a pretty one. This is why I love Paperieboutique. There is fabulous packaging inspiration all the time! I am one of those strange (or creative?!) types who LOVES to browse office supplies, paper, markers, heck even paper clips. And I am really inspired by packaging, I love visiting blogs and sites dedicated to showing off sweet retail packaging, (which is also sweet marketing ;) )

    Well it’s also no secret that I love photography, and photography as art. I want my clients to take home heirloom quality art to display on their walls. Images that will be handed down, snippets of this moment in time. Right now. Ready to hang. Whether that means framed art, mounted prints with an easel display, a print box with every image or a display of canvas(es). It’s important to me that memories are kept in view, not on a hard drive (which I am guilty of as well). It is unlikely that my kids and grand kids and great grandkids, will go through the tens of thousands of images I have on hard drives. But they will know they were loved and smile when they see the images on the wall, and handed down from generation to generation. But this post wasn’t really supposed be me on a soap box explaining my need for really pretty things, and art for my walls. It is though, to tell you about the crazy giveaway at PaperieBoutique from Pixel2Canvas. I absolutely LOVE Roxanne the owner at P2C. Many of my friends at DesignerDigitals have used them and always raved about the Customer service there. And how they actually got a call from the OWNER when they had a question or needed help. How is THAT for customer service? And Roxane joins us for some digital scrapbooking now and then too!!
    So, to enter the giveaway too, go check out Paperie!
    Paperie Boutique/ rocks with @canvasrox – visit to win fabulous prizes from Pixel2Canvas /!

    This is a journey

    Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

    This journey is almost ready to begin. A few finishing touches and the blog will be ready. Portfolio is next on my list, bear with me!! This image was taken On Valentines day while Mr. and I were at the Daytona 500, this was actually ON the track. Just after turn 4. So. cool. I will be sharing more of these photos next!