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Welcome to my place on the web! I am a natural light lifestyle photographer. What does that mean?? It means no bright hot lights to sit under, it means playing outside, it means having fun, it means giggling and being goofy and doing what kids do best while I capture the essence of your child or family. It means no stuffy "smile and say cheese" photos. It means heirloom quality art for your walls that shows who your children are TODAY. Captured. It means details, and most of all it means a fun session! Here you can read about everything from my latest sessions and sneak peeks to the crazy antics of my crazy, fun, beautiful, silly kids.

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    Isn’t she lovely {Sarasota Children’s Portraits}

    Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

    Last week was an incredible blessing in out little neck of the woods :) Not only did my husband and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, but we welcomed 2 amazing girls into our family when his Brother got married. I can now say I have a niece and a sister(in-law, but being an only child, I’d really just like to say sister ;) ) We are so so so happy for the three of them and feel lucky to have them in our lives!!! Listen to me getting all sappy…
    I had fun taking some shots before during and after the beautiful beach wedding. My little man was the ring bearer (I will share those photos tomorrow). Naturally, their daughter was the flower girl. And she was a beautiful flower girl. See…..Modern Childrens Portraiture

    Promises :)

    Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

    I keep making these promises to friends and family that I will start blogging again, about the kids, about life so they can keep up with us too, not just what I am doing for other people. And since I don’t have a whole lot to say this week, I’ve been neck deep in creating “The Lounge”- Client proofing area. And editing this Fabulous 4 year old’s birthday. Yes, you may recognize her from the last sneak peek. I think I saw this family 3 times in one week :) and my camera was in front of my face at each event! She had one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever been to!! Such an honor to help capture those memories!
    Sarasota Childrens Birthday Event photographer

    So, anyhow, since I haven’t even uploaded Easter photos yet, here’s my big monkey at the fair last month. I really cannot believe how grown up he looks. My soon to be 5 year old, says things to me like “Even when I’m as big as you mom, I’ll still be your baby boy” He knows RIGHT how to get me ;) (But can you tell how thrilled he is to be in this photo)
    Parrish Family photographer
    And while he did get to ride this with his daddy…

    The real reason we were there was for this girl, and this cow ;)

    And they did awesome, and we are proud :)

    My husbands cousins (and Aunt and Uncle) have been raising Cattle and other animals with 4-h for years. We love to go visit and learn about the animals and watch them grow, and then go watch the competitions at the fair. The little monkey’s really enjoy it. (OK, so do the big ones ;) )

    This is a journey

    Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

    This journey is almost ready to begin. A few finishing touches and the blog will be ready. Portfolio is next on my list, bear with me!! This image was taken On Valentines day while Mr. and I were at the Daytona 500, this was actually ON the track. Just after turn 4. So. cool. I will be sharing more of these photos next!